FabPro™ 1000


The FabPro 1000 raises the bar for professional desktop 3D printing, producing high-quality parts with lightning speed, remarkably low operating costs and unsurpassed ease of use.

Ideal for engineering and jewelry applications, the FabPro 1000 excels at low-volume, small-part prototyping and direct 3D production across a wide range of high-quality materials.

Productivity, Redefined

Produce models in hours, not days. Compared to competing systems, the FabPro 1000 can create higher-quality parts with precision and smooth finish at up to three-times-faster high-throughput print speeds. It’s all in the technology:

  • Digital Light Printing (DLP) Stereolithography uses a projector to image each layer within a UV-curable, liquid material.

  • Layer thickness from 30 – 50 micron offers superior edge detail, accuracy and surface finish.

And with a build size of 125 x 70 x 120 mm  (4.92 x 2.76 x 4.72 in), the FabPro 1000 is able to produce larger parts faster—or several smaller parts at once to generate multiple iterations simultaneously.

Speed and Productivity Comparison

Using DLP technology the FabPro 1000 uses a projector to image each layer for easy and precise printing, with the ability to build several smaller parts on a single platform for increased productivity. Compare the same part file printed on a full platform at 50 micron to a competitive entry-level system:

FabPro 1000 Print Time: 2.5 hours
Competitive Entry-Level SLA Print Time: 10 hours

Lower Costs, Delivered

The FabPro 1000 is engineered for material efficiency and consistent, repeatable runtimes, making 3D prototyping and production more accessible and affordable than ever before. 3D Sprint file preparation and print management software helps manage material usage with less waste with optimized print builds and support structures. This combination of fast print speeds and optimized printing all leads to lower part costs and lower Total Cost of Operations (TCO).

Industrial Strength with Start-to-Finish Simplicity


This entry-level powerhouse packs industrial durability and reliability into a rugged yet compact platform, delivering professional quality day in and day out. It's also simple to use – from setup, material loading and file configuration to post-processing, cleaning and maintenance:

  • No special training or certification is required due to an intuitive design and easy-access print chamber.

  • Replacing print trays and switching materials is a snap.

  • Post-processing is seamless with an included finishing kit, and optional light-based LC-3DPrint Box UV post-curing unit for required cleaning and curing.

Easy-to-Use with 3D Sprint

Preparing part files for printing and monitoring print jobs is easy with 3D Systems 3D Sprint software, which comes standard with every FabPro 1000. This robust additive manufacturing software streamlines printing preparation through file importing, editing, repairing, and slicing and optimizes part placement on the platform with support creation and nesting.

  • Easy build job set-up, submission and job queue management

  • Automatic part placement and build optimization tools

  • Part nesting capability and part editing tools

  • Automatic support generation

  • Job statistics

Support You Can Count On

A one-year manufacturer’s warranty is included with purchase of the FabPro. Additional one-year and two-year warranties to extend the service life of the printer are available for purchase.

Should any issues arise with the printer, our hotline support team is available for any troubleshooting needs. Our team will attempt to remotely troubleshoot and repair the printer. If the problem cannot be fixed and the printer is covered under warranty, we will provide instructions on exchanging the unit to get you back up and running as quickly as possible.

Simple Post-Processing for Perfect Parts

Post-processing for the FabPro 1000 is a simple two-step process – clean and cure. Simply remove the printed part from the FabPro 1000, remove any support structures and clean in a solvent either in an ultrasonic cleaner or manually. The FabPro 1000 includes a Finishing Kit for supplies to help with the cleaning and support removal process. From there, the part requires UV-curing for final finishing, either in the recommended optional LC-3DPrint Box or other UV-curing unit. The LC-3DPrint Box is a revolutionary light-based UV post-curing unit, specially designed for post-curing 3D printing materials

Stirring device for optimum consistency


The LC-3DMixer is a roller/tilting stirring device for mixing 3D printing materials before pouring in the Resin Tray of the printer. Print resins must be mixed well. Only handshaking is insufficient for highly filled and colored materials. The LC-3DMixer should be used to thoroughly mix the material. When mixed insufficiently color deviation and print failures may occur.

The LC-3D Mixer keeps your materials ready for use at any time at an optimum consistency. 


An Engineer’s Aid

  • Rapid prototyping

  • Design iteration

  • Functional testing

  • Mechanical assembly/fit testing

  • Life testing

  • Functional parts

  • Injection molding alternative for small, micro-molded parts (direct printed or RTV molding)

  • Display models (ready for finishing/painting)

A Jeweler’s Gem

  • Jewelry pattern production

  • Investment casting

  • Prototype pieces

  • Design verification

  • Fitting pieces

  • Master patterns for RTV/silicone molds


  • Uses Digital Light Printing (DLP) Stereolithography technology

  • Max build envelope capacity (W x D x H): 125 x 70 x 120 mm (4.92 x 2.76 x 4.72 in)

  • 3D Sprint™ robust software solution for additive manufacturing

  • High-quality materials excel across a wide range of applications


  • Industrial performance and reliability 

  • 3x faster high-throughput print speeds compared to competing systems

  • Optimized material usage with print preparation and support structures through 3D Sprint software

  • Unsurpassed ease of use requiring no special training or certification


FabPro Tough BLK

This durable black plastic material is ideal for making functional prototyping and production parts. In the FabPro 1000, it allows users to create prototypes for mechanical assemblies and fit testing.

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FabPro Proto GRY


A fast, general-purpose plastic material, FabPro Proto is perfectly suited for creating high quality prototypes and models in prototyping applications. Combined with the FabPro 1000’s precision printing, this opaque gray material highlights fine features and is ready for finishing and painting.

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FabPro JewelCast GRN


This green material is designed to create small, fine-featured jewelry master patterns for gypsum investment casting applications. Pair it with the precise, user-friendly FabPro 1000 to quickly and easily create high-quality show and casting masters.

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