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Metal Printer

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Metal Printers

Rethink metal part design and produce products, components and tools with reduced weight, increased functionalities and simplified assemblies. Save time, cost and part weight with an integrated precision metal manufacturing solution of software, direct metal printer technology, certified materials and expert application support.


Plastic Printers

From your office to the factory floor, our plastic 3D printers generate concept models, precision and functional prototypes, master patterns and molds for tooling, and real end-use parts to optimize your designs, streamline your workflows and bring innovative products to market faster.

Plastic Printers

Desktop Metal Binder Jetting Printers

Desktop Metal® exists to make metal 3D printing and carbon fiber 3D printing accessible to all engineers, designers, and manufacturers.


Burner Tip

Heat Exchanger


Metal Binder Printers

metal 3D printers quickly and sustainably transform more than 10 single-alloy metals — from 17-4PH and 316L to Inconel 718, M2 Tool Steel and more — into high-density parts in line with metal injection molding and better than investment castings.

Metal Binders
Jewellry Printers

Desktop Metal Fiber Jetting Printers

Fiber™ offers users exceptional part quality and a wide range of aerospace and industrial-grade materials—all on a user-friendly, desktop printer.


Brake Duct

Rocket Tail Cone


Jewellry Printers

Our 3D Printing Solutions for Jewelry Enables...

  • Large Production Capability

  • Direct Castable Resin

  • Complex Design

  • Accurate Patterns

  • Real Wax Material

  • Automatic Support

  • Smart Software : 3D Sprint

Dental Printers

Produce accurate, highly detailed dental prostheses, precision working models, drill guides and orthodontic thermoforming models, faster and at lower cost, with enhanced quality.


NextDent™ 5100

Dental Printers

Metal Casting Printers

From micro-detailed to extra-large, get precision metal parts fast by printing accurate, repeatable and affordable casting patterns without tooling.

Metal Casting Printers

Desktop and R&D Printers

Desktop 3D printers are the perfect tools to start using and learning all the secrets of 3D printing and additive manufacturing. Our printers will transform your desk, laboratory or school in your personal creation center: desktop printers are very easy to use, affordable, reliable.

Desktop Printer
Large FDM

Robotic Extrusion Printers

This German SpaceA technology is based on the layer-by-layer deposition of one molten thermoplastic. A solid component can be built up by solidifying this melt strand.

Yizumi’s SpaceA technology is based on 4 principles for economical use:

  • Use of a screw extruder

  • Use of a 6-axis positioning system

  • Use of a high plant modularity

  • Use of an industry standard control system


Fixed Platen

  • Smallest standard solution of Yizumi.

  • Extruder 500

  • KR10 Small robot with a reach of 700 mm assembled.

  • A wide area can thus be used at low cost.

  • Fixed, magnetic construction platform.


Fixed Platen

  • The SpaceA-1-2000-500 is Yizumi’s largest standard solution.

  • Extruder 500

  • KR30 HA with a maximum reach of 2000 mm

  • The system is characterised by its large action area.

  • The modular system also allows flexible use of the print module in different environments.

  • Fixed, magnetic construction platform.

yizumi-spaceA-1-2000-500-S-3d-drucker-vorschau _2h.jpg

Piece Carrier System

  • The SpaceA-1-200-500 is Yizumi’s most complex standard solution.

  • Two extruders 500 and one milling spindle

  • Automated tool changing system
    KR30 HA with a maximum reach of 2000 mm

  • The hybrid variant allows the integration of several different manufacturing processes on one plant.

  • Thus, the SpaceA-2H-2000-500 is the all-rounder among the additive manufacturing processes.

  • The system is equipped with an automated workpiece carrier conveyor system.
    The workpiece carriers are designed magnetically.