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DuraForm ProX EX BLK (SLS)


Tough, fatigue resistant Nylon 11-based plastic engineered to withstand repeated abuse in harsh, frequent use environments.

The excellent impact and fatigue resistance of DuraForm® ProX® EX BLK make it ideal for functional applications where durability and longevity are a factor. Resistant to fuel and oil, DuraForm ProX EX BLK is perfect for automotive applications including crash tests and stress simulations. This durable black nylon delivers tough, complex parts that rival injection molded ABS and polypropylene without the delay and cost of tooling.

Applications include:

  • Housing and enclosures

  • Vehicle dashboards and grilles

  • Automotive bumpers

  • Snap-fits, living hinges and connectors

  • Complex geometries such as custom ductwork

  • 3D printed exhaust and duct systems

  • Impellers

Printers compatible with this material:

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