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Dental Manufacturing and Design Services




End-to-end digital dentistry workflows and in-house scan and design workflows are supported and compatible with major dental CAD software.

3D Systems is Powering The Digital Dentristy Revolution

3D Systems delivers industry-leading technologies and expertise needed for dental labs and dentists to streamline services and support desired dental outcomes.

Dental labs adopting 3D printing from 3D Systems experience a more efficient use of precious metals, fewer remakes and better precision though digital methods.

Metal 3D printing for dental

The applied Direct Metal Printing (DMP) technology provides unlimited design flexibility with perfect passive fit. DMP overcomes the limitations related to geometry and surface retention set by traditional manufacturing techniques and CNC milling technology. 3D Systems controls DMP to such an extent that it is capable of perfecting the technology and realizing the most challenging specifications.


Direct Metal Printing sequentially builds up thin layers resulting in unlimited design freedom. Highly complex anatomical shapes, complex surface textures, high levels of detail… all is feasible.

Figure 4 Tech & NextDent Materials


DMP overcomes limitations related to surface retention as set by traditional casting, or milling. Through DMP it is possible to achieve the most retentive surface textures as an integral part of the structure; these are digitally designed and produced without requiring any post-processing steps. The Pearl structure will ensure a prefect grip on the metal bridge, without the risk of material chipping.


This option is available for all implant platforms and offers the possibility to place the screw holes outside of the esthetic zone. Screw channels can be angulated to a maximum of 30°.



3D Systems combines 3D printing with CNC finishing to obtain implant-abutment connections with the highest precision. This ensures a perfect passive fit as accuracies are better than 20 µm on the implant interfaces. The accuracy of this proprietary manufacturing method was validated in collaboration with the ACTA institute (Int J Oral Maxillofac Implants, 2011, 26(6):1344-50. Optical scan analysis to detect minor misfit on implant-supported superstructures. A. Tahmaseb, P. Mercelis, R. de Clerck, D. Wismeijer).



Grade 1 to 4 are commercially pure titanium grades, while grade 5 is a titanium alloy (Ti6Al4V) including aluminum and vanadium as elements. These alloying elements make the material much stronger than pure titanium, while maintaining its biocompatibility.


Titanium grade 5 is the most used material for orthopedic applications (eg. hip implants, spinal cages, fixation plates.)

3D Systems exclusively uses titanium grade 5 for the milled structures and for dental DMP structures, outperforming the commonly used pure titanium grade in terms of mechanical properties.


3D Systems uses 2 different types of cobalt-chrome alloy; one suited for implant suprastructures and cemented restorations, and one suited for frames for removable partial dentures.

  • Co-Cr alloy for implant suprastructures and cemented restorations
    This high strength Co-Cr alloy is especially suited for dental applications and corresponds to a Type 4 alloy according to ISO 22674. Its thermal expansion coefficient of 14.0 (µm/m°C) allows optimal veneering with the standard veneering materials on the market.

  • Co-Cr alloy for frames
    This Co-Cr alloy corresponds to a Type 5 alloy according to ISO 22674 and is free of nickel, cadmium and beryllium. It combines a high yield strength with a high elongation which results in good adjustability. The fatigue properties have been tested in collaboration with the University of Leuven and it is proven to be very suited to withstand the cyclic loading clasps are subjected to during use.

Types of Products

Double Structures

get a tight fixation

Hybrid Bridges

Made of medical grade 5 high-strength Titanium


Perfect fit through very high accuracy


manufacture high-end implant bars

Implant Supported Structures

Use your design or our design services

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