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Figure 4


The industry’s first scalable, fully-integrated 3D printing platform with ultra-fast speed enabling throughput improvement up to 15x and up to 20% lower parts cost.

Figure 4 Factory Solutions



There is a Figure 4 solution to match any production requirements:

Figure 4 Production


Industry’s first scalable, fully-integrated factory solution for direct 3D production

Figure 4 Modular


Expandable modular 3D production solution design to scale with growth

Figure 4 Standalone


Affordable and compact industrial-grade solution for lower cost production parts

Download the digital molding white paper to enrich your understanding of 3D Systems Figure 4 technology, where it came from and how it works, as well as why it is advantageous to businesses across industries and applications

Manufacturing Redefined

3D Systems Figure 4 makes 3D production a reality—with increased productivity, durability, repeatability and lower total cost of operations (TCO). Figure 4 delivers productivity enabled through speed and automation with real world repeatable, accurate parts with demonstrated Six Sigma performance in a diverse range of robust, production-grade materials.

High Speed Digital Molding

Figure 4™ delivers ultra-fast additive manufacturing technology in discrete modules, allowing it to be placed into automated assembly lines and integrated with secondary processes, including the washing, drying and curing of end-use parts. Digital molding reduces development costs, increases productivity by eliminating the cost and time of expensive tooling. The digital molding workflow process speeds and simplifies production with automation of low volume plastic parts production. Figure 4 delivers repeatable, true-to-CAD part accuracy in an agile, in-line manufacturing workflow.

Modular Platform Grows with Manufacturing Needs

Delivered in configurable units for anytime scalability, Figure 4 allows manufacturing capacity to grow alongside demand – from a standalone printer for rapid prototyping and low volume direct 3D production, to modular systems that grow as your volume grows, up to a fully-automated, fully-integrated factory solution.

Broad Range of Materials

3D Systems’ Material Design Center has over 30 years of proven R&D experience and process development expertise. The production-grade materials available for Figure 4 include a broad and expanding range of materials to enable true replacement of traditional molding and urethane casting.

Advance Your Workflow with 3D Sprint

Figure 4 solutions use 3D Sprint™, 3D Systems’ advanced software for file preparation, editing, printing and management from a single, intuitive interface. 3D Sprint enables the customer to significantly decrease cost of ownership of their 3D printers by reducing the need for costly software seats by third party vendors. 3D Sprint automatically generates exceptionally efficient supports requiring far less material, which can lead to significant savings.

Maximize Your Production

3D Connect brings a new level of management in 3D production, with fleet monitoring and remote diagnostic applications.

3D Connect Service provides a secure cloud-based connection to 3D Systems service teams for proactive and preventative support to enable better service, improve uptime and deliver production assurance for your system.

Through 3D Connect Manage, you can also manage and monitor your equipment with anytime, anywhere access to your print jobs, system performance metrics and usage to improve production efficiency.

Figure 4 Production


Combines the design flexibility of additive manufacturing in configurable, in-line production modules to deliver a customizable and automated direct 3D production solution.

Produce 1 million+ parts per year in a broad range of industrial, dental and custom materials.

Automation and Integrated Post-Processing

Figure 4 Production is a customized, integrated digital manufacturing solution with an end-to-end digital workflow supported by 3D systems software. Figure 4 Production features up to 15 times faster print speeds than other 3D printing technologies, automated material handling, and integrated post-processing, such as washing, drying and curing, to reduce manual processes and facilitate automation for high volume production.

Leading Throughput

The combination of speed and accuracy complemented by a light-based UV curing process that takes minutes vs. hours with heat-based curing processes, yields the world’s fastest additive manufacturing throughput and time-to-part. Recent data highlights Figure 4 Production part print speeds up to 65 mm/hour, and prototyping speeds of up to 100 mm/hour, and part accuracy and Six Sigma repeatability (Cpk > 2) across all materials.

Broad Range of Materials 

The broad range of materials for Figure 4 Production includes over 30 materials:

  • Figure 4 RGD-GRY 10 is a high speed material for rapid design iterations providing up to 100 mm/hour build speed.

  • Figure 4 RGD-GRY 15 is a strong, rigid material for production applications.

  • Figure 4 ELAST-BLK is an elastomeric, black material ideal for iteration and design verification of flexible parts.

  • Figure 4 JCST-GRN is castable green material optimized for investment casting of jewelry patterns.

Figure 4 Production is compatible with 3D Systems’ entire portfolio of NextDent™ resins to facilitate full customization of dental devices, as well as an Orthodontic Tooling resin. Figure 4 Production customers also have the option of collaborating with 3D Systems’ engineers to create unique resins specifically designed for their application.


Figure 4 Production rivals injection molded part quality with tool-less digital molding to deliver:


Customize product configurations and materials by application to deliver high volume ready-to-use parts


High productivity with minimal hands-on processes


Fast throughput speed for accelerated “parts-in-hand” delivery

Total Cost of Operations (TCO) 

Up to 20% lower part cost with no time or money lost to tooling


  • Mid-volume non-structural end-use durable plastic parts

  • High-quality parts with fine texturing

  • Replacement of traditional molding and cast urethane processes

  • Mass customization production of consumer applications

  • Production dental applications

  • Egg shell molding applications


  • Non-contact membrane Digital Light Printing (DLP) technology

  • Printable build volume (W x D x H):

  • 124.8 x 70.2 x 346 mm 

  • (4.9 x 2.8 x 13.6 in)

  • Industry-leading 3D Sprint software for file preparation and production

  • Cloud connectivity for predictive and prompt service with 3D Connect

  • Customizable/scalable modular configurations

  • Automation to minimize manual processing

  • Integrated post-processing

  • Production-grade and custom (additional cost) material


  • Six Sigma quality and repeatability

  • High throughput and productivity

  • Accelerated time-to-market vs. traditional manufacturing

  • Automation reduces labor costs

  • Eliminate tooling time and cost

  • Lower part cost over competing technologies

  • Efficient design iteration

  • Application flexibility

  • Integrated solution with expert application support

Figure 4 Modular


An affordable 3D production solution that grows with your business for prototyping and direct 3D production.

Medium throughput scalable solution for prototyping and direct 3D production

Figure 4 Modular is ideal for medium output, and features an automated material feed system. With expandable capacity up to 24 print engines, Figure 4 Modular enables affordable part production in a flexible, modular system architecture, offering separate post-processing units for cleaning, drying, and curing. With the flexibility to adapt to production layouts, Figure 4 Modular is an affordable 3D production solution that grows with your business, perfect when a single high throughput line can serve a multitude of parts being produced, and centralized post-processing is preferred.

Fast Turnaround

Achieve same-day functional prototyping iteration and low-volume production with ultra-high print speeds. New designs can be delivered in short time frames to maintain momentum throughout development.



  • Rapid functional prototyping

  • Low volume bridge manufacturing 

  • Casting patterns

  • Elastomeric parts


  • Automated material handling

  • Individual printer modules can be dedicated to individual materials

  • Centralized post-processing (cleaning, drying, curing)


  • Six Sigma quality and repeatability

  • High throuhgput and productivity

  • Same day print and ship

  • Rapidly expandable capacity



Figure 4 JCAST-GRN 10

Optimized for clean and easy burnout for direct casting, this high contrast green castable material delivers finely detailed, high-resolution jewelry patterns to produce high quality jewelry pieces rapidly.

Figure 4 ELAST-BLK 10


A rubber-like material for accelerated designing and prototyping of a wide variety of elastomeric products for industrial and consumer goods applications. This black elastomeric material offers excellent compressive characteristics.


Figure 4 TOUGH-GRY 15


An economical material offering high strength and stability for short run production of rigid gray parts at a fraction of the cost of traditional methods. With 35% elongation at break, this durable material produces highly accurate components.


Figure 4 TOUGH-GRY 10

A high-speed material capable of print speeds up to 100 mm/hour for the production of strong rigid gray parts in a fraction of the time. With 25% elongation at break, it has the durability required for a broad range of applications.