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3D Systems to Keynote at Dubai Airshow 2017

3D Systems end-to-end solutions deliver unexpected advantages to aerospace manufacturers

This year at Dubai Airshow, 3D Systems’ Bryan Hodgson, Advanced Aerospace Applications, will deliver a keynote discussing the benefits of industrializing 3D printing for aerospace. Being held during the event's conference on Unmanned Aircraft Systems on November 15 at 12:40pm , Bryan's presentation will introduce the benefits of additive manufacturing technologies for the industry and reveal how 3D Systems’ industrial-grade engineering software, additive manufacturing platforms, materials and On Demand Manufacturing services are enabling new levels of productivity in the aerospace industries.

“We call our technologies ‘end-to-end solutions’ because our products enable a workflow that allows our customers to move seamlessly from physical parts to digital parts and back to physical parts,” said Bryan. “This allows them to quickly implement significant changes to transform their parts’ performance, strength-to-weight ratio, and quality.”

3D Systems’ solutions enable a number of benefits in aerospace applications, including the compression of time spent certifying additive manufacturing platforms and materials for the industry. In addition, innovation through partnerships with aerospace customers is delivering significant improvements to part properties including:

  • Light-weighting structural metal and non-structural nylon parts by 25% or more

  • Consolidating assemblies into single, smaller parts

  • Enhanced efficiency with integrated cooling channels within parts

  • Accelerated metal part delivery (up to 90% faster) via high quality, antimony-free 3D printed investment casting patterns that shrink costs to roughly 10% of traditional production methods

  • Rapid prototyping enabling virtuous feedback cycles for agile production

Direct 3D Metal Printing

3D Systems will be showcasing one of its ProX® DMP 320 metal printer at the Dubai Airshow, and demonstrating how these DMP/DMLS systems integrated with materials, software and expertise bring a new level of quality to additive metal part production. 3D Systems ProX DMP 320 features quality assurance processes throughout the print cycle to identify and prevent any unanticipated voids or deviation in the geometry. The combination of 3D Systems’ fast inerting time for its direct metal printers (DMP), their low-oxygen print atmosphere, and pure materials delivers highly repeatable and stable mechanical properties across hundreds of parts.

ProX DMP 320 direct additive metal printers have also been benchmarked to show consistently faster machine preparation, inerting, deposition, scanning and build times. 

From Physical to Digital to Physical

3D Systems’ industrial-grade software solutions span across engineering, design and scanning, to additive and manufacturing software, as well as 3D inspection software. Visitors to Dubai Airshow will see 3D scanning of parts into a digital environment, followed by the rapid design, engineering and preparation workflow for additive manufacturing, with connection to metrology software for final assessment of part production quality. 3D Systems’ plastic and nylon SLS and SLA 3D printers will also be demonstrated among the company’s solutions.

3D Systems will be at Dubai Airshow throughout the show (November 12-16) in booth 1560. Attendees can register for a badge at the show site .